Happy Holidays! We got what you need in stock!

Rilakkuma scarfs / Pancho blanket! They have this awesome little pouch to put a hand warmer in. Totally good to have if you’re in the chilly areas of za warudo.

Arpakasso Earmuffs are here! Perfect to add to your hermit outfits! Available in White / Blue/ Light Pink / Neon Pink! Brown is sold out now, sorry bros!

Sentimental Circus Restock/New items

Sumukkogurashi (Corner Dudes/things that love corners)

Totally new characters with adorable stickers and stationery! I have like a pack of the stickers waiting for me to buy! ;A;

Planners and Calendars are now in as well! Come in and check us out!

PS: Did you see in the back? we also have Jumbo sized Anteaters! +A+! I-I bought mine already…. orz